Undergrad Final Year Engineering Student


About Me

Hello, I’m Utkarsh Jaiswal an undergrad software engineering student based in Allahabad, UP, India who enjoys building cool things and loves to solve complex real world problems. I am a “Competitive Programmer” and I can solve your software engineering problems very easily.

Currently I am pursuing my under-graduation in computer science from “Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University”, I am in senior year and I am looking for a full time opportunity.

Here are my skillset

code  Programming Language:

code   Web:

code   Database:

code  Framework:

code  Operating System:



MySQL, Oracle




Create a website for the charity.

Coded a Website for the Marketing Firm.

Replicated a Website in chinese for a Seafood Company.

Design and coded a Newsletter Plugin for a Company. So they can attach in their Email Attachment.


Won Gold medal for python in Hackerrank with profile name theutkarsh

Won Silver medal for C++ in Hackerrank with profile name theutkarsh

Won Silver medal for Problem Solving in Hackerrank with profile name theutkarsh

Get In Touch

Although I am looking for full time opportunity but if you have any project in your mind, just say “Hi”, I will reply you as soon as possible.